400,000 Stolen Toothpicks. Really?


On June 9, 2012, 400K toothpicks were stolen in Athens, GA.  Now, why on earth would anyone want to steal that many toothpicks?  That’s more than a lifetime supply for most people.  Even with the numerous uses of toothpicks out there in the world, it seems odd that anyone would steal that many.  Was it simply the rush of stealing something that the thief or thieves was after?

The Empire State Building built with toothpicks by Steven J. Backman.

I have wracked my brain and can come up with the following reasons why there might be a need for 400K toothpicks.  Perhaps one of them is spot on?!?

  • Construction workers stole thetoothpicks because they just won the bid to build The Littles their new, dream house.
  • The 2012 London Olympics Party Planners stole the toothpicks because they found out the main food served at most of this year’s events will be cocktail sausages.
  • A production company pulled off the toothpick burglary because they have plans to film a remake of “Rain Man” and are anticipating multiple takes to perfect the toothpick scene.
  • A production company stole the toothpicks to film “House of Toothpicks”, the sequel to “House of Cards”.
  • A delivery pizza restaurant’s owner stole the toothpicks because they just received an extra-large, non-refundable shipment of pie boxes that, when folded up, are not tall enough for their thick, pan pizzas, thus requiring them to poke the little sticks into the pies to keep cheese from sticking to the lid.
  • A toothpick artist stole the toothpicks because s/he had a grand idea and couldn’t afford all the little sticks needed to create his piece of toothpick art.

Why else would anyone want 400,000 toothpicks?

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